Our teachers


Lena Lepina - Yoga and IHP instructor


 I have been introduced to fitness, health and overall well-being early on in my life, and started practicing yoga in 2008. I  have experience working with individuals as a personal trainer and a boot camp instructor for larger groups. I have experience teaching classes over 50 people. I have completed my certification in Hot Yoga, Power Yoga Vinyasa and Flow through the Yoga Alliance group and Inferno Hot Pilates. My personal practice includes styles such as Vinyasa, Core Fitness Vinyasa, Power Yoga, IHP, Bikram and the Dayton Method Hot Yoga. I have demonstrated a commitment to teaching and assisting with the personal well-being of others and my interpersonal skills have helped strengthen my rapport with a variety of clients.  
I am teaching at YHC in San Carlos, Being Yoga in Burlingame, Go2yoga studio in San Francisco, Bikram San Mateo, Bikram Daly City and Yoga Source in Palo Alto.


Felix Clairvoyant - Personal trainer

I have been in the health, wellness, and fitness industry for three decades and, throughout these years, have had the pleasure and privilege of coaching a great number of people.  Nothing gratifies me more than impacting someone's life in a positive and meaningful way.  I love helping people and always find it to be a great learning experience for all parties involved.  I have a Bachelors degree in molecular biology and have worked in the Biotech industry (cancer research) for 15 years.  And although I no longer work in this field, I still have a passion for science and technology and I'm a strong advocate for the popularization, public understanding, and demystification of science. During my leisure time, I enjoy doing Bikram yoga and Tai Chi, practicing and teaching meditation, as well as swimming, and playing chess.  I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and self-development, and my greatest passion is to make a difference in people’s lives by giving unconditionally and sharing knowledge.